A message from Anonymous

All this talk of supergirl is making me want to make my own! any tips?
  • Shorter skirts makes your legs look longer, especially considering her boots are flat and can’t give you extra height that way.
  • Find a wig with a bit of wave or curl in it, or body of some sort. While yes, Supergirl has straight hair much of the time in the comics, she is also usually flying around in the comics; the curls/waves will give your hair more “life” in pictures, while straight hair tends to look limp and has no motion to it.
  • My “Let’s Remake Supergirl" tag has some quick-and-dirty tutorials for doing the emblem, cuffs, Turner skirt and other miscellaneous stuff.
  • Make capes detachable whenever possible –– it’s not gonna happen well on a floor-length/Turner cape, but on any other cape it’s easier to make it detachable for safety reasons, washing purposes, storage, etc.
  • Hold your cape up whenever you are on an escalator. Getting a cape stuck is a very scary experience.
  • If floor length, make capes stop at least 2-3” off the ground. You won’t miss the extra inches when your cape isn’t getting dirty dragging on the ground, isn’t being stepped on constantly, and shows off the boots a little better.
  • Capes should be made from circles, NOT rectangles. They “fly” a lot better when you walk, and they hang beautifully that way.
  • When you’re shopping for gold lamé (metallic stretch foil, metallic spandex, etc), rub it against your skin before you buy it. Does the gold leave your skin sparkly? All lamés eventually dull/wear thin eventually, but you may not want to deal with being covered with gold sheen and sparkle when you get undressed at the end of the day.
  • Have fun, you beautiful person, you.

- Jenn