Drafting New 52 Supergirl’s bodysuit. It took about 20 minutes. Used the pattern for my Turner Supergirl suit and extended the stomach — didn’t bother making it long enough/extending it into a leotard bottom or raising the neckline because I can just do that in the final draft. I just needed the main shirt so I could figure out where I need to put the action-figure seams.

The side seam won’t be on the final suit. Gonna see if there’s a way to diminish the shoulder/raglan seam as well, but it’s going to have to be there in some form.

Zipper is gonna go up the back. Womp womp wompppppp.

Also, after 6 years, I am almost finished with this hot pink spandex. I originally bought 6 metres of it at $2m on clearance and I’ve been using it for spandex drafts ever since. I only have one metre left. Finally.

Additionally, in the case of emergency, my crotch functions as a light source.

- Jenn