A message from Anonymous

For the pouches for Steph's belt: what about how some cosplayers are dyeing WWII belts? Or the use of plastic card decks(like for magic or yugioh)?

It’s definitely a matter of opinion on those. I thought about both initially, but ruled them out because…

1. I spent some time in my local military surplus store looking at WWII belts, and I strongly considered them for a while… but I decided not to for a lot of reasons. WWII belts get pricey, and there are a lot of different styles to sort through. Not only do you not get the same vivid colors by dyeing as you would painting, but the styles I prefer can be upwards of $70 for a couple pouches. This kind has pouches that flatten towards the bottom, rendering them easy to use but they don’t match the aesthetic of Stephanie’s costume. I think they’re also really recognizable, too –– people just look at them and know they’re looking at a frankensteined WWII belt. A lot of them are also old and in rough condition. 

But for that kind of pricing and complication, I’d rather just make my own, which is likely what I will do for my remake.  

2. Plastic card boxes are often too big and bulky to work as pouches, whereas the things I linked are actually meant to used on belts. I worried that the plastic boxes would not only be too big, deep and obviously meant for something else, but would also be more fragile. I figured they would fall off the belt easier, being held on only by glue, that paint might chip easier, as it was painted on a smooth surface, and that they would be breakable… metal, leather and canvas pouches can take a bit more than more brittle plastic!

My best suggestion for people is to just walk around various dollar stores. Sometimes you can find little manicure sets or glasses cases or binocular cases that are decently attractive, paintable and look great. I used some glasses cases from a dollar store for Huntress and I’m trying to track down similar for Stephanie’s leg belt; they’re too long for her hip pouches, but they’d work great for the leg one. And they painted beautifully.

- Jenn