So I decided I hated my first attempt at Mami’s skirt. I decided that making a floating skirt was probably not going to turn out how I wanted, even after I added horsehair, no matter what, so I decided to go a little more traditional. I amped up the circle skirt from 1 circle to 2 full circles, giving it a lot more oomph, and then I pinned the horsehair in to see how much fluff it got. 

There’s close to enough, now. There’s definitely enough fabric in it, it just needs more of a shove outward. I think I’m going to get thicker horsehair or double it up or something, but I’m liking this a hell of a lot more.

I’m going to see how it goes with the good copy, and if it works out, I’ll make a proper tutorial :) 

- Jenn