My turn, my turn~

I unintentionally fell in love with the beautiful white dress they have Kate in, during the white council in The Hobbit, so the rest of my costume list this year is pretty simple to compensate for the time/money involved in another movie costume. If I can find the right colour, I may even make the stone grey “coat” you first see her in too. But this is a HUGE maybe.

Homura is Homura, need I say more? I also have the official glasses on preorder so I can do both versions.

Catwoman of Shanghai. The 3 part short of Batman of Shanghai is just so interesting to look at that I just had to throw Catwoman in my list. I actually collected everything out of my room for it last year before the Snail halloween party, I just never ended up starting it, and wore Ms. Marvel instead.

She-ra is something I have been thinking about from a while now as a blast from my childhood past. I may not remember the cartoon, but She-ra used to be one of my favs when I was younger.