Lara’s necklace.

After baking the sculpey, I took an exacto knife and cut in some chips and scars. I also ground in the lines and creases a bit more, and trimmed the edges.

Then I gave it a small blast of primer and a coat of green fabric paint. Probably not the right paint, but I wanted a semi-translucent green over the white and black to get built-in highlights. I then used black paint to weather in a bit more definition.

The cord will be replaced — it’s a temporary stand-in for now.

But not bad, for a short creative project :) I’m thinking of using it as an opportunity to learn to resin cast, too, as I don’t want to lean on Christine forever for that. While I like the muted stony color of this one, I’m thinking a cast “jade” one might be neat, too.

- Jenn