I procrastinate on costuming projects by working on other costuming projects. Check it out: the outline for Emmy’s “Shiny Chariot Rod” from Little Witch Academia. The rod doesn’t have much of a consistent size in the film, so I went for “slightly oversized” so that it stands out a little better and seems a little more powerful in how imposing it is. Besides, what is a magical girl without a big magical stick?

You can get the full-sized “to scale” outline here.


And while I’m here, let me implore you all to watch Little Witch Academia; the FULL FEATURE is available on YouTube right now, directly from the company that produced it, in HD and with perfect subtitles. It is only available until the end of June, so you should check it out while you can! Studio Trigger (and its fans) are trying to assess how well-recieved it is to see whether it’s worth creating a fully-fledged series about Little Witch Academia, instead of just this one stand-alone.

It’s like Harry Potter meets Sailor Moon, but better. Yes, better. ;) Ooh, fighting words.

- Jenn