Maya as Kyoko. Look at that weird Shaft Tilt in the second one ;)

All photos by Santiago Ortega photography.

Jenn as Mami. The wind was kicking our asses here.

All photos by Santiago Ortega photography.

Christine as Homura.

All photos by Santiago Ortega photography.

So I decided I hated my first attempt at Mami’s skirt. I decided that making a floating skirt was probably not going to turn out how I wanted, even after I added horsehair, no matter what, so I decided to go a little more traditional. I amped up the circle skirt from 1 circle to 2 full circles, giving it a lot more oomph, and then I pinned the horsehair in to see how much fluff it got. 

There’s close to enough, now. There’s definitely enough fabric in it, it just needs more of a shove outward. I think I’m going to get thicker horsehair or double it up or something, but I’m liking this a hell of a lot more.

I’m going to see how it goes with the good copy, and if it works out, I’ll make a proper tutorial :) 

- Jenn