The Dark Knight Rises…

In a stunning and shocking turn of events, I actually fucking LOVED IT. I say that as someone who loathed TDK and loved Begins, someone who dislikes Inception, someone who didn’t like Avengers, someone who, hell, doesn’t even like Batman 98% of the time and




enjoyed it.

It wasn’t perfect — I will go into this later, as I need to hash out my thoughts and get everything in order, first — but it was much, much better than expected. I fully intended on hating this movie, I really did, but other than a few niggles, I actually loved it.

I’ll write up a proper review later, and also talk about Man of Steel, since I have a message re: that, too.

But oh my godddddd how did it win me over?! I thought I was unsatisfiable! I’m the most hyper-critical jerk I know, the person people are afraid to show their favourite movies to! Whaaaaaaat!!

- Jenn

ps. maybe cosplaying Selina or Miranda I guess WHATAJKSHDakshfjsdhfdkfjnjsdkgfkgd

Oh my god.

Newsarama’s Jill Pantozzi did an article on Jenn’s thoughts on DC’s marketing strategies at FanExpo 2011. You can read it here.